Why Caregivers


A Bit of Background

In the US alone, millions of primary family caregivers suffer from depression, anxiety, overwhelm, declining health, extreme financial loss, even homelessness. This happens because, in many families, the focus is on the loved one with chronic disease or injury rather than the caregiver’s quality of life. It’s also because at least two incomes are reduced or eliminated when one person becomes sick or hurt. 
So many caregivers lose hope. They can suffer with extreme stress or turn to alcohol or drugs to soothe the pain. Some are ignored by other family members who live far away, or who have decided they cannot or will not help in any way. Many caregivers come to feel like martyrs, or that their life has no meaning or future beyond the isolated environment where they provide for the needs of their loved one.
Whatever the situation, we believe every caregiver deserves to live with health and happiness in a supportive community. No caregiver should feel alone.


The Problem

Most caregivers have no one else to help.

  1. 47% of working caregivers have lost their savings. 

  2. 29% say their health is suffering. 

  3. An estimated 43 million adults in the US devote more than 20 hours weekly to care for a loved one with a chronic disease or serious injury.

  4. Nearly 2 million children under 18 do so as well, and they’re losing much of their childhood. 

  5. More than 60% of all personal bankruptcies in the US are due to uninsured medical expenses. 

  6. Caregiver Facts (for those providing care 21+ hours/week): 

  • Up to 70% deal with depression

  • 47% of working caregivers have lost their savings

  • 46% are highly stressed

  • 66% of co-resident caregivers have no other unpaid help. ​​


Caregivers Need Care Too

We believe every caregiver deserves the same level of support - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - that they give their loved ones every day. Moreover, no family should become broke or homeless because a family member needs care. 

If you believe this, too, or can relate, we need your help to support family caregivers – and compassionate, underpaid professional caregivers – the guidance, help, and respite they need to give our loved ones the best quality of life possible. The Empowered Caregiver Network is co-creating a complete support system for these unsung heroes. Help caregivers in your community or organization. 


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