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Ohio U Marching 110 + alumni

Over the past five years, there have been a handful of times when depression reared its ugly head for me. When it did, I temporarily lost my otherwise eternal optimism. Personal and work-related objectives suddenly seemed like mountains to climb rather than the rolling hills I had easily conquered in the past. Perpetually outgoing, I wouldn’t care to speak to–or even see–anyone during those times.

As one who observes his emotions rather than just experience them, I believe I’ve unwittingly discovered what, for me at least, will serve as an antidote for any such down times that may come along in the future. I welcome you to try it and let me know how it works:

After experiencing an emotional tailspin marked by all the characteristics above, I chose to attend my college homecoming at Ohio University for the first time in, well, forever. As enthusiastic as I was when I made my flight and hotel reservations months ago, I couldn’t have cared less when the time came to head for the airport. I even considered staying home and forfeiting the nonrefundable hotel and air expenses. Regardless, I sucked up my indifference, declared to myself (without belief) that I would enjoy myself, and flew the friendly skies.

In a single day on my old college campus, I burst the bubble of apathy that had followed me for weeks. The secret: I surrounded myself with old friends who were thrilled to see not only me, but also the 525 other members of the alumni marching band who had come from all points to march, dance and play again. We did so in honor of the band director of our era, Ronald P. Socciarelli, who died last February.

I’ve written previously about my success in using Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale. Over years of using it, I’ve learned that when low energy, such as depression, comes in prolonged contact with high energies including love, optimism and hopefulness, high energy prevails virtually every time. At homecoming, there I was, literally surrounded by high energy including enthusiasm and joy. I can see now that my depressed feelings could not possibly survive.

So the next time you’re anywhere on the Emotional Guidance Scale below where you’d like to be, throw a party and invite your favorite people–even if you have to rely on some of their high energies to help you prepare. I can’t guarantee you’ll share my experience, but I would bet on it. And I’m not a gambler.

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